How To Make Money With MetaFire Nutrition

How To Make Money With MetaFire Nutrition

So, You Want to Work From Home

You don't know exactly what it is you want to do, but the world is different and you have to change with it, right?

This is a very peculiar time in history where we are focusing more than ever on health and how we should be living. We are also focusing on family and the amount of time we spend doing things that takes us away from them.

This makes it the perfect time to stop trading hours for money.

It's the perfect time to make money working from home.

It's also the perfect time for helping others become healthier.

That's where MetaFire Nutrition comes in.

There are a lot of people that want a body that they never had. There always has been.

But now, after months of a forced less-than-perfect lifestyle, there are more than ever.

What if you could help?

How much do you think that would be worth to them?

Let's do some math to see exactly what it would be worth to you.

Two Ways To Make Money With MetaFire Nutrition

When there is a product, there are representatives and customers.

When there are representatives, there is money to be made.

How many people do you know that wish they had a nicer body? That they were healthier?

10? 25?

Let's use 10, because everyone knows 10 people that want that.

You start a business with MetaFire Nutrition (for free). Your job is finding and helping people that want a body that they don't have.

You find those 10 people that are willing to make a change to get what they want.

You sit, have a coffee and talk with each one.

The conversation is pretty simple.

"You've been talking about losing weight...what if I could make it easier for you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well...I have this website that will help you."

"Oh, I've read it's too much work."

"You haven't read this one. It makes it as simple as possible and gets rid of all the things that won't help."

"How do you know it works?"

"I've done my research...they give you all the information that everyone else hides."

"So, what's the catch?"

"They offer a line of products that help you along the I have a discount for anyone that I think needs a little help to get to where they want to be. Check it out."

How Does This Make Me Money?

MetaFire Nutrition truly appreciates every single person that represents them and rewards them according to their effort.

Every product that we have to offer is designed to last one month, meaning each person that dedicates themselves to healthy lifestyle and better body image will be purchasing an order every month.

How do you gain?

7% every month.

From the example, lets say you refer all 10 of the conversations you have.

They all want the same goal: weight loss without extra exercising.

That means a monthly auto-shipment of:

  • 1 x MetaBurn Ultra
  • 1 x MetaVite M or F
  • 4 x MetaWhey Chocolate or Vanilla (more flavors coming soon)
  • 1 x MetaBCAA

That makes a total monthly investment into their health and body of $220.93 USD.

Each customer you referred earns you 7% of their monthly investment, meaning $15.47 x 10 = $154.70 USD per month just to have ten conversations.

Build Residual Income

Wait, You Said There Were Two Ways...

A lot of people are perfectly fine with finding customers and getting monthly residual income.

However, true residual income happens when you eventually no longer have to do the work.

Every customer that comes to MetaFire Nutrition has the option of doing exactly what you are reading about right now, starting a business with us. If you are the one that brought that person to us, and they start their own MetaFire business, you earn from their customers too!

My Customers' Customers

Out of the 10 people that you found above, let's say 3 decide that they want to make some money too. What could be better than having the body you always wanted...for free?

Keep 15 customers (equal or greater plan) on auto-ship, and your supplement plan is paid for!

So, those 3 that decided to start a business also find 10 customers each. They all decide the same goal, which means those 3 people now make $154.70 USD per month.

How does that help you?

When the people that you helped start their own business each find their own customers, you earn 3%!

That means you get 7% of your customers' orders and 3% of THEIR customers' orders.

We do this because we wouldn't have those customers without you!

In the example, that looks like this:

$154.70 USD (your customers)

$220.93 (average monthly customer) x 3% = $6.63

$6.63 x 30 = $198.90 per month.

$154.70 + $19.89 = $353.60 USD per month for 10 conversations!

That's Everything?


Anyone in your second level (customers that your customers referred) that starts a business with MetaFire also sends 1% back up to you.

From the example, we will say that 3 out of the 10 customers that each of your 3 business owners found also want to start businesses of their own and each find 10 customers.

$353.60 USD from your first two levels.

$220.93 x 1% = $2.21

$2.21 x 90 = $198.84

$353.60 + $198.84 = $552.44 USD per month for 10 conversations!

If you want even more information, click here!